"Arya has helped us launch our software seemingly overnight"

Britt Hager


The Customer Challenge

Staff Plus, an early-stage startup led by construction industry veterans, aimed to create the next generation of workforce management and compliance software for the construction industry.

With the industry anticipating billions in government incentives, it faced a significant labor shortage and evolving compliance requirements related to worker payment. Staff Plus needed to quickly develop and launch software to help companies adapt to these market shifts, addressing the challenge of managing workforce changes while staying compliant with new standards.

The Arya Solution

Staff Plus chose to leverage the Arya workforce data platform to build the core of its worker onboarding and management system. Utilizing Arya's API and SDK, Staff Plus developed its first-generation mobile app, revolutionizing the process of hiring, onboarding, vetting, and granting work access to workers. The integration of Arya pay campaigns and the Arya score enabled Staff Plus to launch an end-to-end pay and worker compliance software, specifically designed for the construction industry. This software facilitates seamless sign-ups, job applications, and work recording for workers, while also managing payroll complexities and compliance requirements for construction companies.

The Results

The integration of the Arya platform allowed Staff Plus to introduce disruptive products to the market within just 60 days, requiring only one full-time engineer for integrations. The StaffPlus app, powered by Arya, is a comprehensive solution for worker management, enabling workers to easily onboard, apply for jobs, and record their work hours. For construction companies, Arya's infrastructure provides the necessary tools to automate payroll, addressing the nuances of federal mandates around construction pay. This solution ensures real-time compliance with worker payment regulations, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and compliance adherence in the construction industry.