"I had not found anything like Arya for leveling up our provider shift scheduling and compensation experience"

Austin Ringer

Former VP Operations, K Health

The Customer Challenge

K-Health, a leading telehealth platform in the U.S., aims to provide high-quality health care on a large scale. To achieve this, they have a robust team of healthcare providers offering consultations via text messages. However, the K-Health operations team faced significant challenges in managing these providers. They dealt with issues in hiring, scheduling, payroll, and quality management. The main obstacle was the dispersion of provider operation data across various platforms, leading to manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes. This complexity hindered K-Health's efforts to experiment with new care models and streamline day-to-day management.

The Arya Solution

To address these challenges, K-Health implemented Arya's workforce data platform. Arya's solution enabled the integration of people, production, timekeeping, and scheduling data in real-time, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets in provider operations.

Arya introduced several key innovations: pay campaigns for streamlined provider-based pay structures, the Arya Quality Score for automated quality care measurement, and automated scheduling, timekeeping, and availability management. These solutions offered providers more flexibility and transformed the manual processes into an automated, efficient system.

The Results

The integration of Arya's platform brought remarkable results to K-Health. It reduced the manual effort in finance and clinical operations by over 90%. Providers could now concentrate more on patient care rather than worrying about pay queries and schedule management. Most importantly, K-Health gained real-time insights into the capacity and quality of clinical operations. Arya's system has become central to K-Health's daily operations, assisting providers in understanding their pay, reporting availability, viewing schedules, picking up shifts, and tracking their performance in delivering quality care. This transformation has significantly enhanced K-Health's operational efficiency and provider satisfaction.